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He embarked on documentary film and photography as a way to connect with people and tell their stories.

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I bring the same meticulous craftsmanship and years of design and building experience to each of my projects. In , I moved to the United States. After building sets for Smith College, Yale School of Drama, Yale Repertory Theater, and other theater shops, I turned my skills to remodeling, finish carpentry, and custom cabinet work. He has had showings of his FLOW artwork in art galleries, bars, abandoned buildings, music venues, and coffee shops. He enjoys spicy food.

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I am interested in patterns, surface design, and decoration. The impulse to decorate and embellish is present in ancient textiles and other forms of handicraft. Yet throughout history, cultural perceptions of ornament, color, and decoration have varied. Patterns and color have the ability to conflate or open space, to entice or repel a viewer.

Jacquelyn Gleisner is an artist, writer, and educator. Her work as a visual artist has been exhibited throughout the United States, especially within New England, and internationally, in Italy, Finland, and Botswana. My photographs and multimedia installations are designed to inspire and empower people toward positive personal and communal change.

The work honors and celebrates the humanness and godliness that lies within us all. It is inspired by my personal quest to curb my fear-based judgement and assumptions, and courageously open my heart toward curiosity. I am a photographer, multimedia artist, educator and speaker. My work empowers personal and community growth through a combination of art, education and social action.

My photography has been celebrated in gallery exhibitions and many national magazines. I fell in love with black and white photography and the creative process in the darkroom back in college. I was born and raised in Europe. I develop all of my films and print pictures by myself. My series of paintings demonstrates a backwards progression in life from older to younger.

It is the concept of existence through my eyes featuring metaphors for life.

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Amber Gratta is a Connecticut native who has been creating art all of her life. Her medium of choice is acrylic paint. She uses bold, bright colors to make the pieces pop. Amber has always had a passion for cartoons and monsters.

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As a landscape artist, my intent is to share how I experience the landscape I live in. The shoreline is my muse; the intersection of land, sea and sky continually inspire me. The ephemeral quality of light on the salt marshes, the glow of sunset on sand, the seasonal changes in colors and textures are images I want to give life to on paper. She enjoys sewing, writing poetry, and crocheting.

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My art is an inspiration from God. I love discovering the world around me and exploring through various mediums how to express it. Cheryl Ann Green on adults coping with illness and death, and has won a Yale Medical School t-shirt design contest. He is doing artwork throughout his life to glorify God. My work maintains a tension between structure and freedom, and accepts the fundamental components of quiltmaking -- pieced fabric atop layers that are held together by stitches -- to question relationships and perception.

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Her quilts have been published in contemporary quiltmaking books and she teaches textile workshops around the state. Robert S. Inspired since his youth by the deep illustrious history of New Haven, CT. They are the inspiration for his educational visual art projects and preservation of important stories. I have been creating photograms by exposing out-dated black and white photo paper in room light and fixed to retain the image. These images become re-interpreted as they are scanned into vivid color and attached to triangular panels and onto square panels as they relate to organic elements.

The resulting works take on a molecular investigation. I was born in Chomutov, Czech Republic. My work is playful. Many of my pieces invite people to become part of the work. Recently I have been creating works on paper that are like games of Solitaire but without the cards. They start out with a random grid from which the image emerges. The pieces are spontaneous and retain the quality of play that has become the hallmark of my work.

I craft algorithms with computer code to produce art, employing controlled randomness to extend my creative choices. I am particularly fascinated by imperfection and irregularity in shape, texture, color, and flow. In my most recent work I have focused on creating this kind of imperfection in minimalist line and circle images.


I write computer code to produce 2D prints, 3D-printed objects, and physical installations. I have a Ph. I live and work in New Haven, CT, teaching mathematics and computer science at Hopkins School while creating art in my spare time. Tapping into the ceremonial power of ceramics, I make participatory pieces that resemble cultural rituals.

I set up interactions that are egalitarian in their principles: all participants have the information needed to partake in an invented ceremony. Through participation, the objects and actions develop into communal expression and symbolism. Penelope Van Grinsven is a potter with east coast roots who learned to love clay in the midwest. She is most interested in choreographing the use of ceramic objects and creating new rituals that focus on those invented actions.

My work is largely architectural in its format and perspective but directly or obliquely addresses social and psychological concerns. Urbanism and structural systems are apt vehicles for me to try to understand how society functions and to unravel what it means to be a person.

Stephen Grossman is a visual artist working in drawing and painting.

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In he was a visiting artist at the Weir Farm Historic Trust. I have never been able to choose between fantastical children's book art and carefully observed natural science illustration, so my work is equally informed by both. I aim to create fun, whimsical images that hint at a larger story, and that incorporate accurate depictions of the plants, animals, and insects I love. Architecture has the unique ability to illustrate the narrative of its occupants. If art is a record of history, I aim to capture and record in my work the raw and pained spirit of that moment in history.

Through a traditional approach of observational drawing, I create vibrant compositions of color and pattern to build paintings with a fresh, contemporary perspective. My subjects include collected objects and textiles, as well as my various houseplants, creating a sense of the personal and domestic landscape.

Grace Hager is a practicing artist living and working in Branford, Connecticut. Hope to see you at Yale West Campus. When you support an Artist you help support and uplift the World. My name is Black MaDonna the Buddist. I am a freelance artist. I believe Art is a form of Expression, Feelings, and Emotions.

Many years of a common vision for highly conceptualized imagery began to build. Together, through years, a symbiotic photographic relationship was formed allowing them to not only live and work together, but to enrich each others imagery. Each having unique skills that are used to collaborate on projects on the local and commercial platforms. I create one of a kind soft sculptures out of felt, fabrics, and other materials.

My art pushes the boundaries between weird, cute, and creepy. I really like making others happy with my art and enjoy when someone chooses a poppet that they can relate to or makes them smile. She has since moved to Connecticut where she creates her art in the company of her husband, quirky dog, and curious cat.

Besides art she enjoys reading and gaming. I use my photographs and my journal entries to create visual memoirs. My newest creation, Mixed Messages, is a collage journal of my life in Brooklyn during the s. It is an attempt to better understand myself, racial and gender identities, and the history of that decade. I went to Wesleyan in and got my teaching certificate and then taught English and theatre at The High School in the Community.

Paintings of NYC — drawings done on the spot, mostly in New Haven restaurants — prints of cartoons from many periodicals New Yorker, Playboy, various science magazines….