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It is commonly thought that children were of little interest to medieval adults for documentation on childhood is supposedly rare and fragmentary.

Daniele Alexandre-Bidon and Didier Lett challenge this assumption in this learned and lively book. Drawing from a wide range of sources -- from archaeological finds to romances from miracle accounts to law codes -- they bring together many glimpses of children in order to form a composite picture.

The Child in Society. The Child in Christendom. Park, Linda Sue.

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A Single Shard. Clarion, ISBN In this Newbery Award winner Tree-ear is homeless, living under a bridge in twelfth-century Korea. He becomes an apprentice to a master potter after accidently breaking one of the pieces of pottery.

This picture book introduction to medieval history is centered mostly in southern Europe. Chaucer, Geoffrey. Canterbury Tales.

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In each case the tale entertains and enlightens but, together with the illustrations, they come to life, revealing much about the times and the people. Gerrard, Roy. Sir Cedric.

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Farrar, ISBN 0 3. In the age of chivalry, Sir Cedric defeats the evil knight and wins the fair maiden. The plot is a spoof, but the illustrations are very informative.

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Goodall, John S. The Story of a Castle. This wordless book shows us the inner workings of a Norman castle in the Middle Ages. Hunt, Jonathan.

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Macmillan, ISBN 0 02 2. This alphabet of illuminated letters is full of fascinating information about medieval times. Lasker, Joe.

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  • Viking, ISBN 0 3. The peasant wedding and the knight's wedding offer two sides of life in the Middle Ages. With detailed drawings and other artwork, we get a glimpse of the life of the time. Gregory, Tony. The Dark Ages.

    Books for Young Readers: The Middle Ages and Renaissance

    Well captioned photographs and drawings make this short book accessible as well as informative. Howarth, Sarah. Medieval People. Millbrook, ISBN 1 4. One of three volumes in a series, this one looks at the life of six representative people: a doctor, monk, knight, lady, bishop and a heretic.

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