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I am scured! Baby in Sun: with tear rolling down cheek Why? T: Who spilled the tubby custard? Baby: tear Why? Lala begins to sing Fergalicious.

D: to Lala Not another word? P: Uh oh! Tinky Winky begins to sprout donkey ears. T: tugging at ears Oh Oh! What's happened? T: Ha ha ha!

Teletubbies: Cafe Chocolate (Season 1, Episode 26 HD)

Go on, laugh! Make jackasses out of yourself? I am through!

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This is the end! Tinky Winky begins to walk off, ignoring the puddle. D: through laughter Mind the puddle Tinky Winky! T: Pardon? L: through laughter Mind the puddle Tinky Winky! P: through laughter Mind the puddle Tinky Winky! P: Too much tubby toast! D: to toaster Just whooo do you think you are? Toaster: in high pitched voice Who? In order to escape the tubby toast Tinky Winky forces Poe on her scooter and hops on the back.

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Chapter 1 2. The series was created and developed as a celebration of play and is the first program specifically designed for children aged from one year old. Four technological babies love each other very much and live happily together in their own world of childhood imagination. The format and characters are designed to nourish young children's thinking skills, teach them to listen, help to build their curiosity, expand their imagination, and increase their confidence.

Tinky Winky has a run-in with the Tubby Custard Machine, and a little girl and her brother make pictures using their hands. Noo Noo demonstrates the number 4, Po draws an oval, and Dipsy sees things in black and white. A film from Colombia shows a boy and girl helping their father milk a cow.

Five Dipsys, the color pink, and the opposites "stop" and "go. Tinky Winky counts to 10, and a South African film shows a boy choosing a mechanical toy. Children play with a toy robot. Dipsy counts to 3, and Laa-Laa explores the color white and the meanings of "stop" and "go. A film from Spain shows children learning a traditional dance. Po counts to 4, and Tinky Winky draws a rectangle. Laa-Laa counts to 3, Po draws an oval, and Tinky Winky learns about "near" and "far" while running. Dipsy dances whenever he sees the color green. Po counts to 5, kids from Spain make a picture with flowers, and the Teletubbies watch some children making mosaics.

The Teletubbies watch Alex make a pumpkin head, and then a pumpkin appears in Teletubbyland. Laa-Laa and Dipsy are very impressed with the pumpkin until it wears Dipsy's hat. Laa-Laa counts to 8, and children from Taiwan make lanterns. The Teletubbies get together to watch Zonti and Isobelle playing with flashlights. Children from India explore the number 1. When the Teletubbies try doing everything at the same time, they get in a jam, so they do things one at a time. Tinky Winky counts to 2, and kids from Korea dress up in their national costume.

Two girls hang out the wash and watch the clothes drip water.

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  • Somebody spilled their tubby custard?

Dipsy makes a star, and children from Chile plant flowers. The Teletubbies watch Lewis put on his boots and then play in the leaves and mud.

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  8. Dipsy counts to 4, Tinky Winky makes a triangle, and kids from Taiwan make lots of different sounds. The Teletubbies look at bluebells and dance. Laa-Laa counts to 3, and kids from Germany build a large sand castle. The Teletubbies watch kids at the train station, then wait at the tracks to wave. Laa-Laa and Po make a rectangle, and kids from India explore the number 4. The Teletubbies watch clouds and dance before sitting down to watch the magical animals pass through Teletubbyland.

    Who Spilled Tubby Custard Teletubbies 1999

    Laa-Laa counts to 3, Dipsy shows the color yellow, and Po makes a triangle. Taiwanese boys put on lion costumes and dance to drum music, and the Teletubbies watch a boy make tortillas. Laa Laa counts to 5. South African boys fill buckets with water, then try to balance the buckets on their heads the way their mother does. Children play a game that illustrates "on top" and "underneath," and the Teletubbies watch the magic tree grow. Dipsy counts to 7, and Argentinean boys enjoy a game of soccer.

    Laa-Laa has to play with her ball indoors because it's raining and keeps knocking things over, so the others are very glad when the rain stops and she can go outside again. The Teletubbies watch the dancing bear and do a falling-down dance. Po shows the color pink, Dipsy makes a square like his hat, and Tinky Winky demonstrates "near" and "far. Russian children make patterns on a sheet of paper using a swinging bottle filled with colored sand. Po counts to 3 and makes a circle, and Laa-Laa shows the color orange.

    Over the hills and far away ... Teletubbies come to play!

    Po keeps falling off a swing, so Laa-Laa shows her how to play on it. Films show children playing with multi-colored parachutes and with a gauzy material. Spanish boys pick mandarins in an orange grove. Po counts to 8, and Tinky Winky shows the color orange. Dipsy leaves his hat behind and returns to find that the Noo-Noo has cleaned it up, and the Teletubbies watch children buying vegetables.

    Tinky Winky makes two rectangles; Noo-Noo counts to 2; and children from India demonstrate the number 2 with apples, babies, candles, balls, cotton candy, horses, buses, and more. Tinky Winky wakes everyone else up by singing a loud song, but Po sings them back to sleep with a quiet song.

    Films show Moroccan children fetching water from a tap to help their mother wash clothes and a little girl walking beside a brook.

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    In Teletubbyland, the others have to wait for Tinky Winky when he is late arriving at the table. Korean children take a walk with their uncle to look for snails. The Teletubbies count to 4, show what "fast" and "slow" mean, and take part in a big dance. Po rides her scooter too fast and knocks the others over. Korean children watch peacocks flying, walking, and showing off their tails. Po counts to 3, Dipsy shows the color blue, and Laa-Laa demonstrates "up" and "down. Dipsy and Laa-Laa make an oval, and Tinky Winky has fun with a cloud, rain, and an umbrella. South African children help their mother wash clothes in a steel washtub, then rinse them with water from a tap.

    The Teletubbies watch some other children playing on a beach. Tinky Winky counts to 7, the friends play the Eh-Oh! A Taiwanese music teacher shows how to play the erhu fiddle, which makes all kinds of strange noises in addition to playing music. Laa-Laa counts to 10, Tinky Winky does a silly dance, and all the Teletubbies watch children play a game with their fingers.

    Laa-Laa counts to 4, Tinky Winky shows off his bag, and Dipsy makes a circle. A girl from India makes rice patties with her grandmother. The Tubby Toaster makes an extra-large piece of toast, and Po manages to eat it all. Then all the Teletubbies watch an animal parade and dance a twist dance. Laa-Laa tries to play with her ball indoors, and the Noo-Noo catches it and cleans it up.

    Tinky Winky shows the color brown, Laa-Laa demonstrates "in front" and "behind," and children from Chile play in piles of fallen leaves.