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Share art, get paid. Shop more framed mini art prints from this artist To follow this artist you must be a logged-in member. The decisive moment for calculation of the grade point average is the end of the semester. It can be implemented semesterly, i. Its schedule is determined by the Rector after discussion with the Deans.

In justified cases, the Rector may make exceptions from these rules. Upon the enrollment to study, the student is required to take an academic matriculation oath. The conditions and term of enrollment for studies and matriculation are set by the Dean. Should the student fail to do so, neither VSE nor any of its divisions shall be liable for any consequences of such omission for the student.

The Dean may delegate these powers to another person.

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The student is required to apply for an interruption immediately after the reasons for the interruption of studies have arisen. Interruption of studies for this reason shall not be counted into the total duration of the interruption of studies pursuant to paragraphs 5 and 6. If the re-enrollment date is not the first day of the semester, the student is not entitled to enroll for semester subjects in this semester. In the Doctoral degree program, the Dean may, in justified cases, set the end of the interruption of studies differently.

This grade is also assessed to the student in the case of non-fulfillment of the study obligation or during unauthorized conduct during the fulfillment of the conditions of the credit under Article 5 5. In the case of an oral examination, the teacher or examiner will inform the student of the grading on the day of the examination. If the head of the department finds that the grade has not been awarded in accordance with these Study Rules or accreditation, he shall decide, without undue delay, on the remedy measures, otherwise he or she shall confirm the grade.

The decision of the head of the department is final. If the examiner or teacher is the head of the department, the Dean decides to review the assessment.

The teacher or examiner decides on the application without undue delay. If the application fails, the student may submit an application for an excuse to fullfilment of obligations within 3 working days of notification of the decision stating the reasons for disagreement with the decision of the teacher or examiner, to the head of the department.

The Dean decides on the application without undue delay definitively. If the request for an excuse is not met, it shall mean that the student was unsuccessful. The terms of recognition are laid down by the Dean in his or her measures. The Dean may assign additional credit vouchers according to the principles set by him or her. Authorized minor specializations for the given study program are stipulated by the Dean. The student enrols in the minor specialization within the terms set in the academic year of study schedule.

If the number of enrolled students exceeds the declared capacity of the minor specialization, the students are enrolled according to the fulfillment of the announced criteria. The chairperson shall be responsible for the function of the examination board and for the proper conduct of the state final examination. If the number of votes is equal, the chairperson has the deciding vote.

Study No. 10 – THE BASSETT BROS.

If the Dean finds that the assessment has not been awarded in accordance with these Study Rules or accreditation, the decision of the examination board shall be annulled and the Dean shall decide on the holding of the contested part of the state final examination; otherwise the Dean will confirm the decision of the examination board.

Repetition of parts of the final state examination, with the exception of defence of the final thesis, is possible not sooner than 1 month from the day of the unsuccessful examination. Repetition of defence of the final thesis is possible not sooner than 3 months from the date of the unsuccessful examination.

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  5. The examination board may recommend the manner, extent and form of the revised final thesis. The precondition for taking the state final examination of the study program is to obtain all credits from study obligations in the structure prescribed by the curriculum according to the accreditation, with the exception of credits for individual parts of the final state examination. The condition for taking part of the final state examination from the minor specialization is to obtain all credits from the study obligations of the minor specialization in the structure prescribed by the curriculum according to the accreditation.

    The Dean, at the request of the student, may authorize the final thesis to work out even within the minor specialization, in which the student has enrolled. The supervisor will allow the student to get acquainted with the thesis expert opinions at the latest 3 working days before the date of the defence. The student is obliged to submit to the supervisor the prescribed documents for checking the fulfillment of the individual curriculum within the deadline set by the Dean. The supervisor supervises the study in cooperation with the head of the department and the guarantor of the study program.

    A Report on the course of study is provided by the supervisor for approval by the Dean. The time of study does not involve the period during which the student would otherwise have taken her maternity leave, on condition that she does not interrupt the studies at that time. The request for conditional enrollment must be substantiated. During this examination, the student demonstrates the level of mastery of broader theoretical knowledge, methods of independent scientific work and ways of applying new knowledge in this study program, and presents the results of his or her scientific and research activities. The content of the state doctoral examination is defined by the accreditation.

    The faculty shall notify in writing the student about the date and place of the state doctoral examination and shall publish it in the public section of its website at least three weeks in advance.