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The Art of Happiness 20th Anniversary Edition. The Mindful Kind. You Can Heal Your Life. This Moment Is Your Miracle. Moonology Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles. Eight Dates To Keep your relationship happy, thriving and l Popular Searches atlantis oracle cards interpretation of tarot cards gold foil tarot card book of runes by ralph blum i am me affirmation cards. View Wishlist. If you drew another card next week, you'd get a different aspect of the person.

In a reading about a romantic interest at work, I drew 8 Spades, 5 hearts, 7 clubs. Any sort of insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

Cartomancy Basics - Episode 1

How should I interpret this? It's your job to interpret your cards. You first have to work out what question you want answered. That is very important. Then you lay down one or more cards in front of you. When using more than one card, it's called a 'spread'. Sometimes they are laid in a specific pattern with each position holding a meaning of its own. It sounds complicated but once you understand how it works it's not so hard. In the beginning it is best to stick with one or two cards. No, because there's no point in doubling them up. Two decks of playing cards add up to plus one of the Jokers.

A tarot deck is 78 cards, 56 minor arcana, and 22 majors.

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There are no majors in a deck of playing cards. I have a deck of cards that my brother gave me that I want to use for readings. They sound really interesting cards. However, as I can't see them, I can't tell you if the image will help you or not. Try some practice readings. You can read for any situation - even things like characters in soap operas.

See how it works out. If it's too confusing, consider learning to read tarot cards. I have always wanted a tarot reading, but I am not confident in my understanding of how to do it myself. Do you have any recommendations? There are several sites online where you can get a free reading. Does each joker have a different meaning or are they both the same when using playing cards for Tarot?

Whatever works for you. I can tell you the way I do it. I have the person sit next to me so they have the same view of the cards that I do. I talk to them about how the reading will work, that I'm not psychic - there aren't any spirit guides or dead people.

Then we talk about the question - sometimes I begin with a general reading and then do a couple of further, more specific readings. I shuffle the cards thoroughly and get the client to cut them with their non-dominant hand. Then I take the cards back and lay them down in whatever spread I decided to use.

Numbers represent both positive and negative. How can you tell the difference?

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I imagine it has something to do with the position of the playing card, pointing up, pointing down being used to read tarot? There's no pointing up or down with playing cards. They are the same whichever way you look at them. The interpretation depends on the question, the circumstances and your own intuition. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

I love it! This site is so insightful and I've been doing tarot cards for 18 plus years! After all that time, I'm still learning so much!

Cartomancy: Fortune Telling Using Playing Cards by Emily Daton

Thank you! In traditional decks, hearts and diamonds are always red; clubs and spades are always black. If they are any different to that, then they are novelty decks that I wouldn't recommend reading with. Do the colors have any significance? Say a red heart oppossed to a black heart or black club opposed to red club? What is more important is what it means to you, Nikki. It depends what you were thinking about, what question you were going to ask, what your circumstances are, etc.

What was your instinctive reaction to seeing them? Jacks are equivalent to Knights and Pages in tarot. So are a mix of action and exploration. If you are thinking of doing some new thing or venture, then seeing all those should give you a positive message. All four suits of jack flipped out one after the other when shuffling. Can you tell me what this means. Someone will be detaching themselves emotionally. There may be pain, but a difficult road must be taken. I have received the 8 of heart two days in a row now.

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What can you help me to understand with that card. That's because it depends on what the reader wants. Many will devise their own spreads. Lots will just use three cards: past, present, future. Yet others want to go for the full card Celtic Cross. There wasn't enough room in this article to cover all that. There are other systems that change the correspondences between tarot suits and playing card suits.

See how it goes for you It's not set in stone, and it's all about what works for you.

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  5. Thank you for putting together this wonderful resource! The table really helps me. I moved to a new country one month ago, and realized I had forgotten to bring my deck — which I immediately began to miss and crave very much, as new situations, opportunities, perils, and crossroads began to develop. I have been finding a playing card in my path about every 3 days.

    I love finding them!!! They have turned up at the most perfect moments to punctuate my unfolding story awareness into little chapters. Thank you for providing this resource.